Another New Commercial & Interview Round-Up

NBC have aired another 30-second commercial promoting the movie. The tone of this one is perfect! It has it all — fights, romance, comedy… and that theme music! More so than any of the other spin-offs, this feels more and more like Knight Rider… Check it out!

New NBC Commercial – K.I.T.T. is Back!

NOTE: As per Neil at Knight Rider Online, Val Kilmer has only just completed his voice over work for the movie. The voice of K.I.T.T. in all of the NBC Commercials so far is NOT Kilmer.

Knight Rider Online have published the first part of their exclusive interview with Deanna Russo, who plays Sarah Graiman.

Knight Rider Online – Deanna Russo Interview, Part 1

Over in print, Entertainment Weekly are running an article on the movie, while Sports Illustrated have a two-page ad for the movie, with a watch-and-win competition.

Bend Oregon Weekly News have an interview with Justin Bruening online that has some interesting nuggets of information about the filming of the TV movie… and perhaps one spoiler:

Bend Oregon Weekly News – Interview with Justin Bruening

Meantime, have uploaded a Knight Rider spoof put together by Turkish gas company. – Turkish Knight Rider Spoof

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