K.I.T.T. Makes Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists seem to be popular today, and wouldn’t you know it? — K.I.T.T. appears in three of them:

Entertainment Weekly have a feature on their website about the coolest TV cars of all time. There’s no way the Knight Rider car could be left out of this one:

Entertainment Weekly – Coolest Cars

Wired.com have included K.I.T.T. in a list of top film and TV sidekicks:

Wired.com – Top Sidekicks

Meanwhile, the UK’s MSN has included K.I.T.T. in their list of the greatest-ever talking computers:

MSN (UK) – Greatest Talking Computers

Update — KOAM-TV have got in on the act, with an article about both K.I.T.T.s and other TV cars.

KOAM TV – Top 10 Most Famous TV Cars

The actual Top 10 is hosted by Forbesautos.com, and you can find out where K.I.T.T. came by clicking here.

SFX Magazine is running a full-page article on the new show in their March issue, entitled The Car’s The Star. They interview Executive Producer David Bartis about the pilot, and he mentions that they have some ideas about how to include David Hasselhoff should they be picked up for a series.

London’s Metro newspaper gave a small mention to that very subject in yesterday’s edition. Neil Sean, in his Green Room gossip column, wrote that “David Hasselhoff is having a change of heart about starring in a remake of Knight Rider. ‘He is ready to talk to the producer,’ a source revealed.” How Hasselhoff has had “a change of heart” is anybody’s guess, since he has been the driving force trying to bring Knight Rider back continuously for the last ten years. Metro is the only publication — in print or on the web — that has suggested this.

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