NBC Want Knight Rider To Deliver

SyFy Portal have some soundbites from NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman on the new Knight Rider series. He hopes to avoid the mistakes made by rushing the now-cancelled Bionic Woman series into production to ensure that Knight Rider has a better chance of surviving.

“We saw it with Terminator [The Sarah Connor Chronicles], and we saw it with Bionic Woman,” he said. “Big openings, big branded titles, draw open the tent, and the show didn’t deliver on that $10 million pilot. What we’re doing with Knight Rider is we consciously delivered it on air so that we had nine months to make sure that series is great.

“We’re hiring a staff. We’re hiring the cast. We’re honing the writing crew. And we’re ensuring that the show lives up to the audience’s expectation. The audience turned on and tuned into the two-hour movie premiere. Now we need to make sure they come in week in and week out, and for that we’ve got to take a rigorous approach.”

Note Silverman’s comment about the series living up to “the audience’s expectation.” Since the single most-criticised aspect of the pilot was the lack of K.I.T.T.’s Turbo Boost, it will be interesting to see if NBC incorporate it into the series…

SyFy Portal – Silverman Wants Knight Rider To Avoid Bionic Mistakes

Popular Mechanics have their own ideas of what Knight Rider needs to make it this time around. They compare pilot episodes old and new, and offer some interesting suggestions:

Popular Mechanics – Why Knight Rider Needs More Tech to Survive in Prime Time

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