Bruening and K.I.T.T. at Canwest, Toronto

Justin Bruening made an appearance with K.I.T.T. at yesterday’s Canwest “UpFront” presentations in Toronto, the last of the annual conventions designed to sell advertisers on the upcoming fall schedules. Whilst there, he spoke to the media about the new series.

“Just as the original series was reinvented as a sequel for the two-hour movie, the new series will be reinvented again,” he said. “Picking up six months after our little origin story, everything will be different. The car will have a different look and will be able to morph into a different attack mode each week. There’s also talk of different gadgets in every episode.”

That’s an interesting quote; it’s been well-known that the “Attack Mode” Mustang was getting an overhaul, but is Bruening saying there will be a different look to the Attack Mode each week, or just that the series’ Attack Mode will be different to the one seen in the two-hour movie? Time will tell…

And, what does Bruening think of his four-wheeled co-star?

“He’s a bit of a diva,” Bruening said.

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