"K.I.T.T." Sold on eBay

The Super-Pursuit Mode K.I.T.T. replica, previously owned by murdered businessman Andrew Kissel and relisted on eBay last week, finally sold for $53,000. The auction generated a great deal of publicity around the globe, and in many reports there continued to be confusion as to the car’s actual origins or role in the original series.

As previously stated, it seems the Trans Am was used during production of the later years of Knight Rider, but it was not an actual Super Pursuit Mode vehicle (which are all believed to have been destroyed). It was acquired by legendary Hollywood customiser George Barris, who added the wings and spoilers to make it look like the SPM car. It then appeared on The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour and The Benchwarmers movie.

Considering that the original Super Pursuit car came from Barris’ shop, it’s a shame that this one couldn’t have been more accurate (that rear spoiler attached to K.I.T.T.’s bumper is a horrible mistake, in my opinion). It’ll be interesting to learn if the car ends up in a private collection, or if it will be put to work either on the car show circuit or make further appearances in TV or film. Time will tell.

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