Wait Til You See My Turbo Boost!

A few days ago, NBC started screening the first 10-second promos advertising Knight Rider: The Series. Composed of several really fast cuts taken from February’s TV movie, they don’t reveal anything from the episodes that are currently shooting — the San Diego Comic-Con has the scoop there (expect some big updates next week). The first promo has Val Kilmer’s K.I.T.T. say, “I’m shiny.”

The second has confirmed what all Knight Rider fans have wanted to hear since the revival was first announced, nearly a year ago. Turbo Boost!

After several tip-offs, Knight Rider Online have captured the latest promo, in which K.I.T.T. teases us with “Wait til you see my Turbo Boost.” Can there be any better news for Knight Rider fans?

The question is, what form will the Turbo Boost take? Will there be more morphing involved? In an earlier interview with Online, Thompson hinted that K.I.T.T.’s famous ability would be getting a modern-day makeover:

“We’re still trying to figure out exactly how to make [Turbo Boost] work. Because Turbo Boost in the ’80s is going to be something totally different today. It’s the equivalent of NOS on Fast and the Furious. You push the button and you go. What exactly is the Turbo Boost? What’s going to be our version of the Turbo Boost? And that’s something I know the fans sorely missed. It’s one of the reasons why I watched as a kid, and loved to see that car jump. But also it’s problematic in terms of jumping a car. They get destroyed when you do it and Ford’s not going to give us an infinite amount of cars. The way we have it tricked out, [K.I.T.T.]’s about 155,000 dollars! It ain’t a cheap car.

“CG doesn’t look that great when you do it solo, so what we really want to do is marry the two, and do a reality plus CG-enhanced. It’s just a matter of what is that Turbo Boost. We want this all to be based in a reality… which is if you push the button, much like NOS, what happens? Or much like a drag race with the nitro. Those are the things that we’re talking about. A lot of the stuff we’re still working on and trying to figure out, but a lot we’ve got down pat.”

Whatever happens, this is the first ever Knight Rider spin-off to use the Turbo Boost function!

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