Knight Rider: The Complete Series on DVD!

Universal Home Video have announced Knight Rider: The Complete Series on DVD, with a release date of October 21! The set will comprise of 24 single-sided discs — as opposed to the less-popular double-sided discs on the single season releases. It will come packaged in a special K.I.T.T. Gift Box with Flashing Lights and Sound Chip.

Hopefully the set will include the repaired version of the Season 3 release. Fans will recall that when the third season was originally released on DVD, some episodes were missing crucial sound effects: K.I.T.T.’s engine was muted in some episodes, Turbo Boost and button-tones were silent in others. Universal provided replacement sets for fans in North America, so it would seem that this problem is consigned to history.

The set has a SRP of $139.98. No artwork is available at this time. – Knight Rider Complete Series Announced

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