Gary Scott Thompson on Knight Rider have an interview with new series showrunner Gary Scott Thompson, where he talks about bringing Knight Rider into the 21st Century, the differences between his show and the original, and the possibility of David Hasselhoff’s return. He had this to say about the first episode:

“My idea was really to try and bring a feature mentality to a TV show which is to do an on-the-edge of your seat action packed show once a week in prime time TV,” he said. “Now whether we can pull it off every week, I’m not sure but the first episode has over 700 visual effects in it and that is more than a feature has. It’s a massive undertaking but the plus side is once you do it, you learn how to do it, how to do it quickly, and be more cost effective. The initial phase is the tough part but we really just went flat out balls-to-the-walls. We want to entertain, have fun, to be up to date, be technologically advanced, and make a popcorn movie where it’s one hell of a wild ride for one hour every week. Hopefully, people will tune in to see what happens next and what kind of crazy stuff these guys get into.” Producer Gary Scott Thompson on the New Knight Rider

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