More on Hasselhoff’s Possible Return!

David Hasselhoff has been talking about the new series again, this time on KZZP Phoenix Radio. In the interview, he explained that the people who didn’t didn’t want him to be a part of the new series are no longer at the network, and said: “”I don’t have to be in every episode, I’d be in five, I don’t care.”

The Knight Rider Online team have learned from an “industry insider” that Hasselhoff’s return could indeed be more than just a one-shot, or a two-parter.

“As previously reported, Gary Scott Thompson said that he has been in talks with David Hasselhoff to make an appearance in the new show. The only issue was scheduling. An “industry insider” told Knight Rider Online that the Hoff’s role might be a bit bigger than we were led to believe. Rather than being a one-time appearance, Hasselhoff would return in a major multi-episode story arc. Negotiations are not final but don’t be surprised to see a significant ongoing storyline featuring Hasselhoff in the second half of the season.”

Knight Rider Online: The Hoff’s role to be expanded in new series (?)

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  • Anonymous

    What about the Pontiac Firebird is that car going to return with David Hasselhoff. Is the Firebird going to get some upgrades and improvements. Its will be nice to see David Hasselhoff and his old car return to the show. I hope Glen Larson reads this message.