K.I.T.T. Taken for a Joyride

Pandemonium in Toronto yesterday when the K.I.T.T. doing the promotional rounds was “stolen” at an event outside of Union Station:

S. Breezy, a member of the local electro hip-hop group The Royal Society, was on the scene and took photos of the incident with his camera-phone, ultimately becoming the first to post images of it to the Internet.

“I just figured… why not? I guess it’d be cool to have a photo with K.I.T.T.,” he said. “This guy just dropped his coffee on the ground and jumped in and took off in the car. I wished I’d gotten shots of that moment… the girl beside me who took video was immediately approached by a guy from the Toronto Star, who told her that they wanted to buy the video!”

Breezy lingered around for about 20 minutes, taking in the scene, and waiting for K.I.T.T. to come back, but it never happened.

“The car delivery guy was screaming about insurance, and the woman who left the car unattended was bawling,” Breezy explains.

The Royal Society‘s female vocalist Nikki Awesome was asked how she would feel if 95% of the group’s fans ended up being Knight Rider geeks, and she seemed totally okay with the possibility. “The Knight Rider producers should totally approach us for licensing… the track Roborotic is like a dialogue between me and K.I.T.T. — he just doesn’t know it yet!” She laughed about the whole ordeal, and is totally taking in in stride and having fun with it.

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