Coming Soon Interview KR Stuntman Dan Wynands have been talking to the man behind Knight Rider‘s action sequences, stunt-coordinator Dan Wynands. A veteran of such hit movies as The Fast and the Furious, xXx, Gone In 60 Seconds and The Dark Knight, he gives some insight into the behind-the-scenes processes that bring an action-heavy show like Knight Rider to life.

“We have a certain number of cars we’ve gotten from Ford, and yes we are under pressure not to damage them,” he says. “We like to do things with a little speed and close proximity to other vehicles, so it’s a bit of a challenge. On the current series, we have six [K.I.T.T. cars] now. We also have the K.I.T.T. car that transforms. You go into attack mode, which is another variety, [and] it transforms into an F-150 four-wheel-drive truck. It has a bit of a Transformers taste to it.”

Transformers was cited as an inspiration for NBC to ressurrect the Knight Rider franchise, and critics have often stated that a TV show can’t compete with the kind of action and effects of the summer blockbusters. “Financially, we are a little restricted at times but not as much as you would think,” Wynand says. “They’re not too tight on the purse strings when it comes to doing the action, which an action series obviously needs. Basically, it’s a matter of time. We don’t have the opportunity to work in and set up bigger chase sequences that involve more wrecks and stronger and bigger stunts.”

Wynand hopes to get the actors performing some of their own stunts as the season progresses, and reveals what Justin Bruening has in store: “The one thing we do in Knight Rider, we do have a lot of green screen for when we put our principle actors in the car. I’m trying to tie them more into the real work we do. I’ve actually got some business to do this Friday with Justin Bruening who’s our Michael Knight Rider guy, and I’m gonna tie him onto the hood of our Knight Rider car. I’m trying to bring some of the feature film world tricks to help sell our actors in there. It is a challenge.” Exclusive – Knight Rider’s Stunt Dude, Dan Wynands

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