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The UK’s SFX Magazine has a huge 5-page feature on NBC’s new Knight Rider in their latest issue. Entitled The Road Warrior, they talk at length with showrunner Gary Scott Thompson about the series. He talks about how the low expectations of the critics are driving the writers to raise their game (“You could just feel the hate… Hopefully we can change some minds about it, but to have a preconceived notion of it is challenging”), how he has ensured that the writers are on-set for the filming process (“That’s the person that wrote the script. It’s a big advantage to the director and an even bigger advantage to the actors”), and also how pleased he is with the SSC, or K.I.T.T.-Cave (“Seeing it as a model and plans is one thing, but then you step into the set and say, ‘Uh, we’re going to need more than 30 extras, because this place is huge!'”).

They also have a brief interview with Justin Bruening, who talks about the difference in approach between the TV movie and the series, the attention being paid to scripts and characterisation, and his relationship with his talking car. “[Mike] is very much the Lone Ranger, but at the same time he has to learn to be part of a team,” he says. “I feel like Mike gets annoyed with K.I.T.T. as he would a girlfriend, because K.I.T.T. is always telling him what to do and the right way to do it.”

It’s all in issue #175, November 2008, on sale now!

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