Paul Campbell Talks KR, and Halloween Episode

SciFiWire have a short piece where they talk to Paul Campbell, known to fans of re-imagined Glen A. Larson shows as Billy. “I do seem to be the record-holder for characters named ‘Billy’ in re-imagined television shows,” Campbell said. However, the character he plays on Knight Rider is going to stand apart from his earlier role. “I don’t think I left much of a mark with the [Battlestar Galactica] character. He was so humorless. Now I play something much different.”

Details have started to emerge about a Halloween episode which will feature nods to Campbell’s Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. Billy goes to a costume party as Torchwood‘s Captain Jack Harkness, and when he isn’t recognised someone suggests he dress up as Battlestar‘s Billy. “I say, ‘Oh, I’m not anything like that character in Battlestar. Did you watch that show?’ ” Campbell said. “I thought it was a hilarious gag. I don’t know if it is too insider… but it is funny, and little things like the connection to Battlestar will set the blogs ablaze.”

SciFiWire: Battlestar‘s Billy is Knight‘s Too

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