Knight Rider Returns to Australia This Weekend

Knight Rider makes its return to Australian TV screens as a weekly series this Saturday, on Channel 7 at 9 pm (in the Eastern territories), after the TV movie performed well last week. To promote the series, the Herald Sun is running a piece where producer Gary Scott Thompson and star Justin Bruening talk about the show.

Talking about how the new show differs from the original, Thompson says, “It’s going to get pretty boring in today’s age to watch a guy in a car talk for 43 minutes. For a production reason, and also for the world as it is, we needed to have a base of operation where we could have people who worked there who would send this car out as opposed to just a mobile team. We needed a real base, and we affectionately call it the K.I.T.T.Cave. It has satellite surveillance that can track anybody and anything around the world.”

“The car is the star of the show,” Justin tells them. “But it’s a whole ensemble cast. We all deal with the car. But the car is the central foundation of the show, and that is what we use to accomplish our missions.” He also reveals how the long hours behind the wheel sometimes take their toll. “Every couple of weeks I’ll spend every day in the car for 14 hours [filming] and by the end I’m just like, ‘I really don’t want to drive’,” he laughs. “On weekends I don’t drive at all. Every time I have to drive I’m kind of cranky. My wife is like, ‘Why are you in a bad mood?’ And I’m like, ‘What do I do every day? I don’t want to be driving right now. I want out of the car’.”

Knight Rider is back on our screens for the 21st century

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