Dave Andron on ‘A Hard Day’s Knight’

Dave Andron, who scripted last night’s episode, shares his thoughts and experiences over at NBC’s Official Knight Rider Blog. “It’s been a blast,” he says. “To be perfectly blunt with you, this is a big show, and far as I’m concerned, the more help the better. So GST was hired to come in and steer the ship. Great writers. More great crew. And more great actors. We’re having fun, and you know why?

“Because Knight Rider is fun. Or, at least, it should be. But in addition to fun there have to be stakes, or else why do we care? So when I sat down to write my episode I decided I wanted to see Mike really get pushed to the brink, and watch our team rally around him.”

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be careful with this one… there are spoilers!

Knight Writers Blog: A Hard Day’s Knight

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