Justin Bruening Talks Knight Rider

The Sioux City Journal has an interview with Justin Bruening, where he talks about his background, getting discovered, and of course, Knight Rider.

“I was the second person to read for Knight Rider,” he tells them proudly. “I’m a fan of the original series and there were things I wanted to see in the pilot, but we can’t fit everything from a four-year show into two hours. Now, if we run five years, we can.”

When asked about doing his own stunts, Justin tells them, “I’m trying to do reverse 180s and slide a car into the camera without hitting anyone — which is really nerve-racking. It’s not that I’m not comfortable behind the wheel, but if there’s a group of 30 people standing there and I have to slide the car, I don’t want to hit them.” His stunt driver “can take a car and make it go in a circle all day long. It’s amazing.” The goal is for Justin to be able to do all of those stunts without help. He currently does 98 percent of the fights after training he received between the pilot and the series. “I’ve come out bruised and banged up, but nothing that wouldn’t have happened anyway.”

Since landing Knight Rider, Bruening reveals he hasn’t had one speeding ticket: “I haven’t had any since college. And that was a speed trap.”

Sioux City Journal: Knight Rider‘s Bruening is a Model Student

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