Alex Torres’ Secret Videos

Updates at NBC’s Knight Industries Research website have revealed two video files with clues to Michael’s missing memories. The files (which were filmed for the episode A Hard Day’s Knight) feature the return of The Shield‘s Paula Garces as Kelli, and can be found under Alex Torres’ personnel file.

The first is titled: “MT Forced Coercion: Experimental Memory Extraction.” The extraction method involved “6 gauge needle injects a radioactive isotope directly into subject’s temple. The isotope acts as a chemical tracer, marking all recently formed neural patterns and allowing them to be manipulated by a properly-tuned synaptic reader.” Known side effects of the procedure include headaches, nightmares and severe memory loss, and the procedure is incredibly painful. If it’s successful, the subject will have no recollection of it.

The second video is called: “MK Dream Surveillance: Experimental Subconscious Image Tap,” and was recorded 10/15/08 at 03:02 am. Notes state that “REM state induced at approx. 3am via psychoactive drug administered without subject’s knowledge. Subject’s personal sleeping pod was prepared with hidden sensors specifically attuned to subject’s neural biochemistry.” Michael had no awareness of the test trial or its results.

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