Knight Fever & The "Reboot"

Knight Fever, the second episode of the series to be filmed and the next to air, is being held back until New Year’s Eve, December 31st. In that show, Mike must stop the spread of a computer virus that threatens a total global meltdown. The job gets much harder when K.I.T.T. is infected. Meanwhile, Mike’s jealousy begins to show when Sarah reconnects with an old flame who may be the key to solving the latest mission.

Shapeshifter, a Knight Rider insider, tells Knight Rider Online, “The show IS going to change quite a bit after [Knight Fever]… Eps 10 and 11 will be the transitional episodes, and a lot is going to happen. It won’t just be dropping some characters — the whole mission, and organization behind the mission, is going to change, and the K.I.T.T. cave, when used at all, will be utilized in a different way. Their whole world is going to be rocked.”

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