Notes From The Underground: Y2K + 9?

Billy updated his Notes From The Underground last night, and he talks about the events of Knight Fever. He apologises for the lack of regular updates lately; they’ve been having ‘technical difficulties’ in the office.

“You can blame it on the new year. You can blame it on an increased workload. Or you can blame it on an experimental nano-virus that’s deadlier to tech than Ebola is to people. Your pick. But if you pick the first two, you’re wrong.

“Anyways, I got A LOT of work to do this week. We almost lost every system we have running. Be thankful that when things get ugly in your workplace, your boss doesn’t have a self-destruct button at his or her disposal. (I’m assuming you don’t work on a nuclear-powered submarine, a starship, or in a secret underground lair full of super-classified technology).

“Okay, I’m off to enjoy the rest of 2008 a bit before I have to buckle back down to work in 2009. See ya in the year of the Ox.”

He also responds to reader questions about the blonde ponytail in the picture from the Christmas party (see left). “Let’s just say there’s a reason why her face had to be cut out of the pic. And that reason might have something to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers who’s extremely jealous of me and my studliness. Or it could just be that the photographer messed up. Your pick. (but I prefer that you think it’s the first one)”

Notes From the Underground: Y2K + 9?

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