Notes From The Underground: One of a Kind

Billy has a tribute to Dr. Charles Graiman in his latest blog.

“Charles Graiman was a leader in many fields. The science mags liked to talk about his work in robotics and artificial intelligence, but there wasn’t an area of science he didn’t have a firm grasp on. Dr. G was far more than a scientist. He was a teacher. He was a father. He was my boss. He was my friend.

“I’ve been working for Dr. G for quite some time at Knight Industries, in their research division. Thanks to him though, we did far more than just research. Under Dr. G’s guidance, we worked around the clock to preserve the balance between good and evil in this world. We made a difference.”

In the Knight Rider world, that’s the most important thing.

Read more from Billy at:

Notes From the Underground: One of a Kind

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