Notes From The Underground: Any Lip-Readers…?

Billy is asking for help via his Notes From The Underground Blog. He and the team are trying to find a young boy that has been kidnapped:

Click on the picture to be taken to F.L.A.G.’s Surveillance section. “Check out the last three files,” Billy writes. “We’re trying to figure out where his abductors are taking him, and we think a clue is in those videos. These videos all come from the same gas station.

“In the one marked “Abduction/Shooting,” the kid says something to the security camera, but there’s no audio. I tried to figure it out myself, but all I got was a recipe for making coconut brownies, and I’m guessing that’s not what he’s shouting as he’s been carried away by a gun wielding man.”

If you’re able to help, head on over straight away and let him know at:

Notes From The Underground: Any Lip-Readers Out There?

And don’t forget to watch the episode! It’s Fly By Knight, tonight on NBC at 8/7c!

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