On This Day: 13th February, 1994

It’s fifteen years since Knight Rider 2010 was first screened as part of the Action Pack on NBC. Unpopular with most Knight Rider fans, this feature-length story (and pilot for a possible series) made the unprecedented move of dropping all references to Michael Knight, K.I.T.T. and the Original Series, and reinvented the Knight Rider concept from scratch.

The Mad Max-style TV movie followed the exploits of Jake McQueen, a fugitive people-smuggler in an unrecognisable post-apocolyptic L.A. who builds a supercar to avenge the death of his adoptive father and bring down the evil Chrysalis Corporation, which is harvesting human bodies for “spare parts” on the black market. When his girlfriend Hannah is killed in cyberspace, Jake installs her Prism (a crystal containing her downloaded memories) into his dashboard and becomes a new Knight Rider.

More information can be found in the Knight Rider 2010 section of the site.

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