K.I.T.T. Makes MSN’s Top TV Tech

MSN have included the Knight Industries Two Thousand in their list of TV’s Top Technology. “Between the swoosh of red light on the grille to the repartee with Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), K.I.T.T. made a whole generation grow up wanting a talking car,” they write.

“K.I.T.T. (short for Knight Industries Two Thousand) was clever enough to drive at high speeds while also bantering with the Hoff in a British accent, and could even be contacted through a modified wristwatch. The car’s Turbo Boost came in handy for slow-mo jumps over obstacles and its 300mph speed was also fairly useful. In this case the car was very much the star.”

MSN UK – TV’s Top Tech Gallery

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  • Anonymous

    I think they should have kept the
    orginal knightrider runing on tv