K.I.T.T. and Michael (Jackson)

Tonight sees the public memorial of “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, who posed with one of the K.I.T.T. cars for a photoshoot in 1984.

Jackson has other connections with the show: his song Torture (performed while part of The Jacksons) was featured in Knight of the Drones and Dead of Knight, and he was name-checked in two episodes: Circus Knights (Terry Major, played by Michelle NiCastro, talks about the struggle of keeping her circus alive in “a world of pay TV, satellite dishes and Michael Jackson concerts”) and Junk Yard Dog (where K.I.T.T. asks, “Can Michael Jackson moonwalk?”).

An unfilmed script, Girls’ Knight Out by Richard Okie, featured yet another reference to Jackson: Michael and Bonnie are dancing at a nightclub, and Michael makes an elaborate dance move. Bonnie laughs, saying “Don’t tell me — you’ve been taking lessons from Michael Jackson.” Michael replies, “No way… Michael Jackson’s been taking them from Michael Knight.”

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