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David Hasselhoff (Photo courtesy of Moviehole)

David Hasselhoff (Photo courtesy of Moviehole)

With lots of recent articles being released regarding the proposed new Knight Rider movie, the latest article from Moviehole suggests that David Hasselhoff may have more involvement in the proposed movie than in previous reboots. Whilst attending David’s talk at this summer’s London Film & Comic Con he discussed the 2008 reboot and his desire to be involved in the proposed new movie to make it more in keeping with the original series.

The Weinstein Company who currently hold the rights to the original series are looking to progress the project further. Hopefully the new movie will be respectful to fans of the original as well as bring in a new generation of fans!

Read the article from ‘Moviehole’ here: Exclusive : Hasselhoff wants to team with Weinstein’s on Knight Rider movie

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  • Original KITT, a 1982 Trans Am, and the original character. Or will be only a FAKE, the same as the new production. WE WANT the KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Black

    With the technology around today, Knight Rider can and should be better than ever. The 2008 reincarnation was Ok, though the stories were a bit dry, and having a Ford Mustang was a BIG gamble, but lets hope this new set will bring back the good old days, but with a modern touch.
    If David Hasselhoff is involved, then Bring it on!
    Oh David, fancy getting Bonnie back? She was cute!

  • Christopher Orlando

    I totally agree with Diane. And KITT should be a 1982 TA. There is no other. David still looks good enough to play the Knight in Shining Armor. Patricia McPherson looks the same as she did in the series, too. Get Michael Caine as Devon’s cousin to take his place. These were the main players in Knight Rider, and what every fan wants to see. Don’t go with a new, younger Michael Knight or even a “new replacement”. Just make a good story as if it were just one episode of the old series. Forget what happened in Knight Rider 2000 and that abomination Knight Rider 3000. And if you need a KITT for a hero car, you can always use mine!

    • Christopher Orlando

      Oops, I didn’t mention it because it goes without saying, but William Daniels HAS to be the voice of KITT.

  • Diane Roderick

    We would like to see the Hoff back as Michael Knight no other will do with kitt and new stotys. No one can ever play Devon mills remember they killed him in the film.looking forward to seeing the film. And new story’s. VERY BIG FAN xx