On This Day in Knight Rider: August 8th

Michael Long's Tombstone

Michael Long’s Tombstone

1982 – Today is the anniversary of a momentous moment in Knight Rider history: 31 years ago today, Las Vegas cop Michael Long was shot by industrial saboteurs, kickstarting a series of events that would lead to his second life as a lone crusader in a dangerous world… the world of the Knight Rider!

1983 – After a promotional tour of South Africa, David Hasselhoff returned to the States to play the part of Michael Knight’s evil, African-themed twin Garthe Knight. Yes, the fan-favourite episode Goliath started filming on August 8th, 1983 on location in Las Vegas.

David Hasselhoff in 'Goliath'

David Hasselhoff in ‘Goliath’

1986 – August 8 was also a sad day in the Knight Rider calendar: the last episode of Knight Rider ever in Prime Time on NBC ran on this date. The show was Redemption of a Champion, guest starring Ken Norton as a former boxing champ who Michael must persuade not to get back in the ring. Promoter Don King makes a special appearance along with a host of former boxers including Jerry Quarry, Carlos Palomino and Danny Lopez.

Redemption of a Champion

Redemption of a Champion

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