Newcastle Knight on Sky News!

Home-made Knight Rider replicas seem to be getting a lot of attention from the media recently, with fans from Georgia and Detroit in the USA getting to show off their cars. Sky Television have filmed a short piece casting the spotlight on UK fan Scott Bainbridge and his fantastic K.I.T.T.

He tells them that he’s spent nine years and around £12K on the car, which features a replica Season Two dash and speaks to him with samples of William Daniels’ voice from several episodes.

Scott told Sky: “The idea has always been there because I have always loved Knight Rider, so I had to have the car. I get stopped everywhere, when I am putting petrol in or when I just nip to the shops. Unfortunately it doesn’t attract the type of attention I am after from the ladies.”

“My family and friends thought I was mad at first but I think they have come to realise my obsession with the show.”

Scott and his K.I.T.T. will both be attending KnightCon Star Cars & Heroes in Castleford, Yorkshire on September 6th and 7th.

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