"The Codeword is ‘Knight’"

NBC have aired yet another commercial… and this one is the best yet! Running a whole minute, we see how K.I.T.T. contacts Sarah Graiman, and lots of action from the movie!

YouTube – “Hello Sarah” Commercial

NBC have also released five film clips from the movie. The first is the scene in which the bad guys discover K.I.T.T.; the second shows K.I.T.T. saving Sarah from the bad guys; clip three finds Mike gambling in a casino; number four is a fight sequence between Mike and Welther; and clip five is an escape sequence involving K.I.T.T.

Also available to view are several video interviews with Justin Bruening, Deanna Russo, Sydney Poitier, Bruce Davison, and David Hasselhoff.

One word: Awesome!

Shadowy Flight.com – Knight Rider Film Clips

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