New Series News!

Knight Rider Online have been in contact with the Knight Rider production offices, and have learned that the new series will begin production on Monday, June 23rd. It will be shooting in LA, not relocating to Canada, as some ‘net rumours suggested.

The show will also have a presence at the San Diego Comicon in July, so if you can make it, be there! have posted some details about the new series premiere. The title of the first new episode is apparently Knight in Shining Armor, and it will contain a twist to Mike Traceur’s life that will change his future forever (and bring him more in-line with Michael Knight, and the mythology of the original Knight Rider, if it’s true).

They also report that two new characters named Billy and Zoe, will be introduced. Both work for Knight Industries, but it is not yet known in what capacity. – Knight Rider Spoilers

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