"K.I.T.T." Back on eBay

The Super-Pursuit Mode K.I.T.T. owned by murdered businessman Andrew Kissel has been relisted on eBay. Bidding starts at $20,000 for the vehicle, which was used in the movie The Benchwarmers.

Patrick R. Gill, who is handling the dismantling of Kissel’s estate, had put the car up for auction months ago but it was later removed after he started getting calls from all over the world questioning its authenticity. Gill apparently did more research and said yesterday that it is one of a handful of K.I.T.T. cars that were used in the original series.

The history of the car itself is a little sketchy. It is NOT a screen-used S.P.M. vehicle, but it seems that the Trans Am itself was used during the production of the show. The car was acquired by George Barris, who added the sculpts to the car to make it look like the 4th Season’s SPM. The car later appeared on The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour and the aforementioned Benchwarmers movie.

Kissel had purchased the car from an auction house in May 2005 for $69,000 but never took possession of it. Part of the agreement when he bought it was that he would allow the car to be used in The Benchwarmers.

Courant.com – Kissel Estate Puts Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. on eBay

The auction can be found here:

eBay.com – K.I.T.T. Auction

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