KITTSite Interview Dave Bartis have just finished rolling out their San Diego Comic-Con interviews, and last but not least is Knight Rider producer Dave Bartis. He has some interesting things to say about the series versus February’s TV movie, about the new series versus the original, and about the possible return of fan-favourite K.A.R.R.

He says of the new episodes, “It is feature quality action, and it’s fun, aspirational escapist storytelling. To me, I can’t come home from a hard day at work and sit down and watch something as intense as The Sopranos; I need to prepare myself for that. But this is fun. It’s something you can watch with your whole family. My kids happen to think this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. They’ve never said that about anything I’ve ever done before. So, I could watch the show with my nine-year-old. My wife liked it, and my parents actually liked it — this is truly an 8 o’clock broadcast show.” Dave Bartis Interview

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