Don LaFontaine Has Passed Away…

Don LaFontaine, whose lengthy career in voiceover led to him narrating over 5000 film and TV trailers, passed away yesterday due to complications from pneumothorax. He was 68.

He will be familiar to fans of Knight Rider as the narrator of the ads for the TV movie Knight Rider 2000 — “For four years they rode together, a man who did not exist and a car unlike any other!” — and the opening titles of Team Knight Rider:

“Ten years ago, all it took was one man… and one car… to get the job done. Now, the Foundation for Law and Government has assembled five highly-skilled operatives and paired them with the most advanced, state-of-the-art vehicles to take on a new breed of outlaw.”

You can learn more about the man and his work at his website.

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