The February TV Movie Is on DVD! have an update to the new Knight Rider on DVD situation. Originally a Sept. 9th release was planned for the pilot telepic to debut on disc. Then, in July, the release was suddenly canceled (most likely to be incorporated into an eventual Season 1 DVD release).

Now it transpires that “FYE and Suncoast stores, both part of the Trans World Entertainment Corporation (“TWEC”), are giving away copies of this DVD free, while supplies last, with purchase of certain other TV-DVD sets.” More details can be found at FYE’s website.

TVShowsonDVD state that “DVD titles to purchase, which qualify you to get this disc, include any of the first four seasons of the original Knight Rider series, either season of Friday Night Lights, the first season of Heroes on DVD (the Blu-ray version isn’t included), any of the first three seasons of The Office, the first season of 30 Rock, or the first two seasons of either Miami Vice or Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Purchase any one of the above, and you should be able to drive off with K.I.T.T.! See your local store, or the chain’s website, for complete details.”

Check out the box art below: FYE (and Suncoast?) Offer Free DVD (with Purchase) of the 2008 Series Pilot

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