Knight Rider Archive – Updated!

Knight Rider: The Series hits the screens in a few weeks, and we’re rapidly approaching the Knight Rider Archive‘s 10th Anniversary, so what better time for new beginnings?

If you’re an old-time Knight Rider fan, you’ll notice that a lot has changed here at the Archive: detailed content on all the Knight Rider TV series and movies, a new Events directory to keep track of world-wide conventions, and a new menu system that should make navigation a lot easier — a major issue given the density of the site. If you’re a newcomer to the dangerous world of the Knight Rider, there should be plenty to keep you busy!

Every incarnation of Knight Rider gets the in-depth treatment, with episode guides, behind the scenes photos, articles, cast and production information and original content. Wherever possible visitors will be able to chart the creation of Original Series episodes from script to screen, and learn about the changes the stories went through before they aired.

There are detailed looks at all the different K.I.T.T.s, from the Trans-Am to the 1957 Chevy, to the Knight 4000 and the new Mustang.

Naturally, with a new series about to start, the focus here will shift to cover as much of the new show as possible, but that doesn’t mean that the earlier series will be forgotten: there’s still a lot of material in the real-world Knight Rider Archive waiting to come online, and the quarterly updates will continue around the more regular coverage of NBC’s Knight Rider: The Series.

I hope you enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together, and I hope you’ll stick around — we’re all in for a great ride!

– Paul
– Knight Rider Archive

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