More on that K.I.T.T.Napping…

The Internet was abuzz last weekend with the apparent theft of K.I.T.T. from its promotional tour in Canada, reported here. Some news sources reported that the incident was a publicity stunt, but there was no official word. Now some more details have come to light…

“To accelerate the steadily building buzz around the premiere of the Knight Rider series, last week E! Everything Entertainment brought the star of the show, the new and improved K.I.T.T., to a number of high profile events and heavy traffic locations in Toronto including the Virgin Music Festival, where fans were able to have their picture taken with the legendary car. Last Friday, the final day of K.I.T.T.’s celebrity tour, crowds of Knight Rider enthusiasts were left stunned when a man ran out of the crowd, dove into K.I.T.T. and screeched off. Intense speculation spread across news outlets and viral communities promoted by links to YouTube with audience cell phone footage of the ‘KITTnapping” action. And now E! is looking for help to find K.I.T.T.

“Toronto’s “KITTnapping” officially launched a unique viewer engagement promotion whereby fans have a chance to win a brand new Mustang GT Coupe or a number of limited edition Mio Knight Rider GPS units simply by identifying where K.I.T.T.’s been spotted.

“E! is also looking to the public to post their sightings of K.I.T.T. at and watch E! for updated daily K.I.T.T. sightings. Viewers will be encouraged to enter their sightings once daily and during the Wednesday, September 24th premiere episode of Knight Rider, when one lucky fan will walk away with a brand new car!”

E! Announces Integrated Fall Marketing Campaign

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  • Anonymous

    I want the Knight Rider GPS! I have other celebrity voices from and they are top. They are doing the Knight Rider GPS so you just know it is going to be amazing!

    Oh, wait, I think I just spotted KITT, whats the number!