KR in SciFiWire TV Smackdown

SciFiWire have included Knight Rider in their Fall TV Smackdown, and pitted it against new syndicated series Legend of the Seeker.

“After getting great ratings with Knight Rider‘s TV movie last spring, it’s no surprise NBC decided to go forth with a new series,” Kathie Huddleston writes. “Executive producer Gary Scott Thompson has said that he has plans to take the new series far beyond the TV movie and yet revisit some of the things that made the original series such a hit, by amping up the special effects and bringing back the turbo boost from the 1982 series. There is plenty of competition to face in the 8 p.m. Wednesday timeslot, with Fox’s Bones and ABC’s Pushing Daisies, but this new Knight Rider may appeal to the entire family, considering its early timeslot. While NBC’s take on the Bionic Woman is a reminder that not all iconic television shows were meant to be remade, if Thompson can achieve the right mix of fun and drama (with lots of car special effects and action), the series will find an audience.”

To see who wins this round of the smackdown, check out Wire‘s article at:

SciFiWire: TV Smackdown II: Rider Vs. Seeker

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