Knight Writers on Knight of the Iguana

Rob Wright, who scripted last night’s adventure, shares his experiences over at NBC’s Official Knight Rider Blog. “This was a BIG episode,” he says. “We had to shoot on the water (time-consuming, lots of variables)… we had to shoot out in the desert (time-consuming, lots of snakes)… we had to shoot underwater and then launch a missile at a nuclear power plant that doesn’t really exist (lots of visual effects which takes tons of time to create).

“In other words, every day of making this episode was filled with the excitement and anxiety of “Did we or didn’t we?” Did we find a decent beach? Do our actors know how to handle themselves in the water? Did we get the last shot before it got too dark? Will we get the next shot before the tide comes in? If we shift scenes in editing, will everything still make sense? Will all the visual effects be finished in time and look good? When confronted with all this, how will we react; what will we do?”

It’s fascinating stuff, but if you haven’t seen the episode be warned… there are spoilers.

Knight Writers Blog: Knight of the Iguana

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