Knight Writers Updated

The Knight Writers — this time Teresa Huang & Rachel Mellon — updated an excellent piece on their show I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight. They talk about the dualistic nature of the characters, and how they worked that into the show. “Our primary meditation was on sexy criminals running around in a hot car,” they say. “We loved creating Nikki & Max as a reflection of our heroes Mike & Sarah. Both drive hot cars, but Nikki & Max are expressive and reckless while Mike & Sarah are measured and bottled up. They teeter on the edge but never drop off.”

They also reveal that the episode was originally written to feature a 1967 Black Panther Camaro, “a car that turned out to be so priceless that we couldn’t even fake it. There are only two left in existence,” so the show used a 1970 Dodge Superbee. Teresa and Rachel also reveal that they stepped in as background actors in the Anderson Valve scene, and Rachel can be seen delivering a wrench in the foreground!

Knight Writers: I Wanna Rock & Roll All Knight

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  • They could of thought a head and place a tracker on the car just incase. While they went in, KITT could of called a police tow truck to come and inpound the vehicle. If Mike place a former special forces operative, I would assume he would have great weapons/sniper training and could should the arm of one so that would incopacitate and not kill. He would of have to move about 6 paces to his right because right behind her was would to be some type of chemical tank and would not need an explosion.