Notes From The Underground: Go On Vacation…

Billy updated his Notes From The Underground last night, and he talks about the events of Knight of the Zodiac. “Last night I got a second chance to do something I regret not doing years ago — using my advanced degree in mathematics to beat the house in sin city,” he writes. “I know what you’re thinking — card counting is illegal. Nope. It’s just the kind of thing that can get you locked up in a secret room with no cameras and burly Casino guard with a name with no vowels. Which is why I was about to chicken out.

“But then the most amazing thing happened. I met someone sweet, beautiful, funny, and smart. I met Courtney Flynn. And we just clicked. Now, I never click with anyone. I usually over think things to death, killing the moment. What happened between Courtney and me is so rare, so special, so treasured… I’ve got to preserve it like a limited edition first run Red Dwarf action figure.”

Notes From the Underground: Go On Vacation, Leave On Probation

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