Knight Writers Blog on Fly By Knight!

Dave Andron offers insight into the creative process behind his episode Fly By Knight over at NBC’s Official Knight Writers Blog.

“Anytime I sit down to write anything, that initial idea is always the hardest part,” he writes. “Especially in the middle of a season of television, when you’ve just wrapped shooting on your last episode, so you’re already kind of beat up and exhausted and you get into the office the next morning and sit down at your desk and there’s this eerie calm as you set up your laptop and stare at that blank screen and think, ‘Oh man, I am so screwed…’

“But then, you have a coffee and bang your head against the wall for a while and talk to your fellow writers and somehow you get an idea: What if a plane went missing? Okay, that’s something. And what if Kitt, for the first time since we started the show, takes the initiative and gets Mike up at four in the morning to investigate instead of the other way around? That could be fun. And what if when Mike and Kitt arrive at the spot where the transponder failed, the plane had crashed! Cool. But then what? Okay, maybe the plane crash isn’t a real plane crash, maybe it’s been faked! But why would anyone fake a plane crash…?

“And onwards and onwards until hopefully you’ve got a story that doesn’t suck.”

Fly By Knight contains Andron’s favourite K.I.T.T. material so far. “What else can I tell you? I think, looking back at those first moments of panic, this episode turned out kinda great.”

Knight Writers Blog: Fly By Knight

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