Knight Rider 2000 on Sky Movies Action/Thriller!

The first ever KR revival, the TV movie Knight Rider 2000, is being screened on Sky Movies Action/Thriller tomorrow (Sunday, 19th July) at 7:05am, with an encore at 4:20am the next morning (Monday, 20th).

The movie picks up the Knight Rider story in the year 2000, and the city has banned all handguns. The police now carry ultrasound weapons that freeze rather than kill the perpetrators. However, cops are still being shot by illegal handguns which are being supplied by a mysterious source. Persuaded out of a ten year retirement by his old boss Devon (Edward Mulhare), Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) resurrects his old friend K.I.T.T. (voiced by William Daniels) and sets about uncovering the most horrifying scandal the city has ever seen.

Sky Movies Action/Thriller is available to Sky customers on channel 304, and Virgin customers on channel 404. Sky simulcast in HD on channel 335.

Don’t miss it!

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