Nissan ‘Knight Rider’ Style Smartwatch

Nissan Smartwatch

Artwork courtesy of Mobile Entertainment

Nissan are looking to become the first manufacturer of a Knight Rider style smartwatch to connect the driver to the car. The device is set to monitor brainwaves, heart rate and deliver personal messages. Something we all would love to see!

Currently the device is being developed for the drivers of the Nissan Nismo cars. The smartwatch works by connecting the driver to the car and sharing real-time biometric data, it allows the driver to monitor the efficiency of their car, including average fuel consumption and access to the vehicles performance. As well as the aforementioned capabilities the smartwatch looks set to provide biometric data taken from the heart rate to inform the driver of how their body is reacting and can gather information regarding the drivers level of emotion and concentration.

In addition to this a smartphone will be able to connect to the smartwatch via Bluetooth to allow messages to be sent direct from Nissan to the user.

This is fantastic and exciting news in the development of vehicle technology and something I’m sure all Knight Rider fans would love to see!

The device will be officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show between the 10th and 22nd of September. Read the full article here, thanks to Mobile Entertainment:

VIDEO: Nissan’s smartwatch connects driver to car Knight Rider style

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