Lion Forge Announces Knight Rider Vs. Airwolf Digital Comic!

K.I.T.T. by Jason Johnson

K.I.T.T. by Jason Johnson

At last weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con, Lion Forge Comics made the announcement that they are pitting Knight Rider against Airwolf for the very first time in a special crossover event!

Airwolf will be familiar to fans of the 1980’s “super-machine” genre (kickstarted by the success of Knight Rider). The show starred Jan Michael Vincent as Stringfellow Hawke, a hotshot pilot recruited by ‘The Firm’ to retrieve a sophisticated attack helicopter (Airwolf) that had fallen into terrorist hands. Once recovered, he retains the machine and agrees to use it for special government missions only to be returned if his brother – an MIA in Vietnam – can be found. Airwolf was the most successful of all the KR-inspired series, lasting three seasons from 1984-86 on CBS, and a fourth (with a new cast including Barry Van Dyke) on the USA network.

It has always been a favourite game of fanboys to speculate whether K.I.T.T or Airwolf would come out on top in a one-on-one confrontation, and the potential duel has also spawned some interested YouTube fan edits.

Adam Warren (Empowered) is writing the event and said he enjoyed playing around with the characters from these two shows. In addition to the event, the publisher mentioned there will be several one-shots that lead into the crossover and that one of them will be written by industry veteran Chuck Dixon (G.I. Joe, Batman).


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  • Trisha

    Knight Rider is by far the better show. I watched Airwolf also, it is not the great show that Knight Rider is. In a combat between the two KITT would win hands down! Knight Rider will always be a popular show, and I think they should make a movie!

  • ok

  • Martin Grant

    “Airwolf” wasn’t inspired by “Knight Rider”, Paul. It came about because of “Blue Thunder”. I hope Lion won’t be using their reimagined design of the chopper for this. It’ll be awful if so.

  • Thomas

    I would personally say No this idea of joining KITT with Airwolf…

    I am a hardcore fan of Knight Rider and I really dont want it to lose the “X” factor which made it successful….People still in the year 2014 talks about KITT and watches KR…But I really doubt if Airwolf has gone deep into people’s heart unlike KR….