Another Commercial & K.I.T.T. in Leno’s Garage

NBC have released yet another commercial, this one with a more comedic slant… Very funny!

NBC Commercial – K.I.T.T. Remote

Jay Leno has featured the new K.I.T.T. in his Garage webcasts, where he interviews Harald Belker and Ted Moser about the design and construction of the new vehicle. He takes the new car for a joyride, and tests out the remote-controlled version! You can see it — and hear Val Kilmer in his first performance as K.I.T.T. — here:

K.I.T.T. on Jay Leno’s Garage

The Mustang divided fans when it was first announced, but it looks AMAZING in that video, burning rubber and sliding round corners! Val Kilmer sounds great as the voice of the car… I can’t wait to hear more!

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