"The Car is Hot!"

As the premiere approaches, NBC have added yet another video with clips from the movie, and this one has an appearance by Michael Knight himself — and a familiar license plate also appears…

NBC Behind-the-Scenes Video

NBC’s official site has also unveiled a new game that allows you to take the controls of K.I.T.T. Strangely, the object of the game involves Turbo Boost — which is currently not an optional extra of the Knight 3000…

Knight Rider Power Jump Game

Knight Rider Online have posted the second part of their interview with Deanna Russo, who plays Sarah Graiman. This time, she talks more about her character, and her hopes for Knight Rider in the future, should the movie be picked up for a series…

Knight Rider Online – Deanna Russo Interview, Part 2

Bruce Davison (Charles Graiman) has something to say on that over at the National Ledger. He describes the experience of working on Knight Rider as “a romp”, and apparently NBC are happy with the possibility of it becoming a series in the fall. Here’s hoping!

National Ledger – Bruce Davison

And, just for the Stateside Knight Rider fans, NBC have also created a MySpace page for the new movie, with a few goodies available for download. You can visit that here:

NBC Knight Rider MySpace Page

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