More Interviews & A Real K.I.T.T… Sort Of

Knight Rider Online have added five more interviews to their Electronic Press Kit — or should that be Press K.I.T.T.?? Click the link to see what David Bartis, David Andron, Steve Shill, Harald Belker and Ted Moser have to say!

Shadowy – Knight Rider Video Interviews

They have also updated with an exclusive interview of their own with Ted Moser, who built the Knight Industries Three Thousand. Moser has a history of creating cars for television and film, and offers an interesting perspective on the new K.I.T.T., along with some great stories of how the Knight 3000 came to be!

Knight Rider Online – Ted Moser Interview

With all the publicity that the new Knight Rider has been getting, it’s appropriate that the following story should surface right now: The University of Central Florida developed a self-driving vehicle — dubbed the “Knight Rider.” Their car had to navigate by itself through an urban setting, maneuver through traffic, avoid obstacles and obey traffic rules and stop signs. Not quite on a par with the Knight 3000, but a step closer!

Knight Rider – The Little Car That Could

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