News & Interview Round-Up

David Hasselhoff has a message for his fans about the new movie:

David Hasselhoff Official Site

Further to their interview with K.I.T.T.-builder Ted Moser, Knight Rider Online have released pictures by Moser of the car while it was under construction, and some really cool behind-the-scenes photos. Follow the link to see:

Knight Rider Online – K.I.T.T. Under Construction

Knight Rider Online have also released the first part of their great interview with David Andron, the writer-producer of the new Knight Rider:

Shadowy – David Andron Interview, Part 1 have a new interview with Justin Bruening, and he talks about the movie, the Playboy premiere, and his plans for watching the movie tomorrow night: – Justin Bruening Interview

Muscle Car Blog have a great article about how the scanner light for the new K.I.T.T. was put together: – LED Light Scanner: How’d They Do It?

MediaBlvd Magazine are running their version of the round-table interview with Justin Bruening and David Bartis: – Bruening & Bartis Interview

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