Knight Writers Blog on Exit Light, Enter Knight

Over at NBC’s Official Knight Writers Blog, Eric Buchman offers some behind-the-scenes photos and trivia about Wednesday night’s show, Exit Light, Enter Knight.

“This episode wasn’t originally supposed to air in this slot,” Buchman says of Exit Light, the last episode to be filmed before the series was put on hiatus, “but by getting moved up, I actually think it helped add some tension that might not have been there had this episode aired later in the season.

“It’s hard to put the main character of any show into serious ‘will he/she make it?’ jeopardy, let alone a character named Michael Knight on a show called Knight Rider, but after the last three weeks, hopefully this is at least one time where Mike’s life might actually feel truly threatened. Could even Michael Knight be the next character to go?

“For the danger to be credible in the episode, the threat of violence had to feel real,” Buchman continues. “The bank robbers had to feel like a real threat. So we show more people getting shot (by the bad guys) than we typically do. Every shot fired, especially a shot in the direction of another human being, is carefully monitored by numerous crew members. Safety is essential, as even working with blanks can be dangerous. (even the air that is shot of out of a gun firing a blank can critically injure a person at close range).”

During the filming of the siege, Buchman reveals that over 4000 bullet shells were expended (and each and every one was picked up when the shoot was completed)!

Buchman also gives a few teasers for next week’s episode: Fight Knight! Head over there and check them out:

Knight Writers Blog: Exit Light, Enter Knight

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