New Screenwriter Attached to Knight Rider Movie

The long-gestating Knight Rider movie is revving up again.

The Weinstein Co., who bought the film rights to Knight Rider from Glen A. Larson several years ago, have attached filmmaker Brad Copeland to write a new draft of the script. Copeland’s credits include episodes of Arrested Development, My Name Is Earl, and The Inbetweeners, and he also wrote the screenplays for the movies Yogi Bear and Wild Hogs.

Copeland’s background in comedy will concern fans of the series, who have been vocal that the project should honor the original with a serious approach. The Los Angeles Times reports that “The new Knight Rider is being conceived as a somewhat higher-budget, more action-oriented movie than Weinstein’s typical prestige fare”, so it may not all be bad news. A Knight Rider for the silver screen would likely attempt to tap into the audience for the Fast & Furious franchise.

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  • They MUST bring back the original KITT. No more ugly Fords. No more (REALLY) bad computer anímated turbo boost jumps. With our modern technology today, they can make KITT sound like he did in the 80´s because William Daniels is an old man today and the voice from the Knight Rider GPS clearly “shows” this. I know, because I used some of the audio files in Denmarks Knight Rider replica. as you can see under our “video” section on our website. Please honor us by doing it right this time!

  • Geoff Williams

    The challenge of any new Knight Rider is for it to still have humor and heart while stepping up to match modern crime drama standards. Knight Rider is action fantasy but it needs to honor its fans by being a more believable action fantasy than it has in previous incarnations.